Agri Mega Week 2017

This year’s Agri Mega Week was not a regular delivery as in the past. A lot of innovation and creativity were needed to deliver a product (expo) that could benefit a diversified group of visitors. Included at this year’s Agri Mega Week was the annual Cape Floral Kingdom Expo, the BeSafe Expo and Mega PetEx. A variety such as this combined with the agricultural value chain activities was a winner. From all the compliments for this combination came and finally there was „something for everyone“, as visitors put it.

The current economic climate, droughts, water constraints, fires and political turmoil have contributed negatively to the creation of a successful expo. In spite of this, Agri Mega Week’s organizers were able to successfully deliver a full-fledged expo and hailed a high standard as well as a variety of exhibitors. Exhibitors who doubted, but still came, are not sorry about it now. As a prominent exhibitor from agricultural inputs, it stated: „I can not believe but I did better than Nampo.“ This is quite a compliment to be capitalized.

In addition to the factors that led to negativity, there were a group of malicious people who, for example, Selfish reasons include active efforts by means of lies, doubting boring and other practices used to cellar the Agri Mega Week 2017. Fortunately, they did not succeed, but did damage damage that could be expressed in terms of losses. In addition to direct damage to the Mega Group, businesses in the local community also suffered damage.

At the end of the day, the Agri Mega Week 2017 sent a number of happy exhibitors, participants and visitors home and added value and contributed to economic growth, job creation, domestic tourism and education.

Orton King, Group Executive Vice President of the Mega Group, reaffirmed: „The Agri Mega Week, as a product of the Mega Group, is an established brand that has created trust in its clients, sponsors and associates over the past few years. and therefore the attraction to his exposures. On this year’s performance, we will build on our faith in maintaining our slogan, „Your true partner / Your faithful partner.“

I would like to thank Mega Group’s Management a word of thanks and appreciation to all who contributed to this successful opportunity.

News Release issued by Mega Media & Marketing of the Mega Group