V.l.n.r.: Pauline Panegos (incoming Secretary General, AREFLH), Jacques Dasque (outgoing Secretary General, AREFLH), Jean-Louis Moulon (Vice-president, AREFLH), Leonardo di Gioia (Agriculture Councilor of Apuglia), Simona Caselli (AREFLH President and Agriculture Councilor of Emilia-Romagna)

AREFLHs Generalversammlung: Spitzenreiter für einen neuen Impuls in die Zukunft

Bordeaux, 28. März 2017

AREFLH hielt seine Generalversammlung in Italien am 23. und 24. März in Bologna, Sitz des Präsidenten, Frau Simona Caselli, Landwirtschaftsrat der Emilia-Romagna.

Mit einer Konferenz zum Thema „GAP, Halbzeitüberprüfung und Perspektiven nach 2020“ wurde AREFLH für die hochrangige Referenten für die zweitägige Zusammenkunft von Regionen und AOP / OP, die Obst und Gemüse in Europa herstellen, geehrt. AREFLH begrüsste auch den Präsidenten von Emilia-Romagna, Bonaccini, Paolo de Castro, Vizepräsident von COMAGRI, Raimondo Serra, GD AGRI, Leornardo di Gioia, Koordinator der Landwirtschaftskommission der italienischen Regierungskonferenz, und Herr Felice Assenza, Vertretung des italienischen Ministeriums für Landwirtschaft, Ernährungs- und Forstpolitik.

AREFLH’s general assembly: top-level speakers for a new impulse towards the future

Bordeaux, 28th March 2017

AREFLH held its General Assembly in Italy on March 23rd and 24th in Bologna, seat of its president, Mrs. Simona Caselli, Agriculture Councilor of Emilia-Romagna.

With a conference on „the CAP, mid-term review and post-2020 perspectives“, AREFLH was honored to host high-level speakers for the two-day gathering of regions and AOP/OP producing fruit and vegetables in Europe. Indeed, AREFLH welcomed the President of Emilia-Romagna, Mr Bonaccini, Mr Paolo de Castro, Vice-President of COMAGRI, Mr Raimondo Serra, DG AGRI, Mr Leornardo di Gioia, Coordinator of the Agriculture Commission of the Italian State-Regions Conference, and Mr Felice Assenza, representant of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies.

At the request of the president, the conference was preceded by the presentation of AREFLH to the Agricultural Policy Commission who gathers the councilors of agriculture of the Italian regions.

15 years already!

The General Assembly in itself was held the next day, on 24th March. Mrs Caselli opened the day with a few words on AREFLH’s 15th birthday and announced AREFLH’s wish to expand its network and to efficiently develop common projects revolving, for example around research and innovation.

Indeed, it is a theme put forward by all the speakers during their presentations (Emilia-Romagna, Basilicata and Catalonia). As a matter of fact, research is a key issue as far as climate change is concerned, but not only, as it is also linked to stimulating consumption by offering products that are safe, healthy and easier to use.

Later in the morning a last topic was discussed, „the 20th anniversary of the fruit and vegetables CMO, a tool for the development of the European sector“ by Jose Garcia Alvarez Coque, Director of the International Economy and Development Group. In his presentation, he gave a positive assessment of the CMO.

Lastly, this general assembly threw spotlight on a new dynamic team. As a matter of fact, Mr. Dasque left his position of Secretary General after 15 years at AREFLH, he passed the administrative reins to Pauline Panegos, and to the new representant in Brussels, Andrea Tivoli. The association thus turns to the future with numerous projects such as, to name but one, the white paper of the CMO (publication mid-2017).

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